About NTF

What is the Nanda Talukdar Foundation?

For the Assamese literature, this is considered as one of the final frontiers. No major research on any aspects of Assamese literature has been completed without the direct and indirect support of the Foundation. The Foundation is the treasure house of the Assamese literature of the early nineteenth century to the twentieth century where scientifically the documents, journals and books are preserved and systematic research are being carried out besides emerging as a major publication house of the region. The entire collection was the life long creation of Late Nanda Talukdar who died in a tragic car accident in 1983 but his immediate family carried on his work and gave the shape of the Foundation in 1996 making it open for every researchers of the Assamese literature. As the years have passed by, so is the role of the foundation, which has now grown to an institution specializing in doing social audit on the micro credit and rural economy of the corporate and public sector besides being a major publication house.

Evaluation Work

The Nanda Talukdar Foundation has regularly been commissioned by the SIRD, CAPART, CBTC, OIL and World Bank to carry out independent evaluation of their sponsored work in Assam.


Over the years the Foundation has specialised on the major documentation work of the contemporary social history by publishing series of books on Big Dam or ULFA. Presently it is working on a mega project of 60 years of Assam’s modern history(1945-2005).

Coffee table books

With four coffee table books under its belt, the Foundation has emerged as the primary institution specialising in such high end niche publication from Assam.

What we have?

Books, books and books. We have nearly 11,000 of them and this is the single biggest private collection of all in this part of the region. Not they are just books, but they are the rarest. From the journals of the nineteenth century to the early seventies it has almost every single important issue of magazine and books. Be it Robindra Nath Tagore’s letter or the original Orunodoi, or Abahon or Bahi or Jonaki everything is here which are open to the researchers of Assamese language. Hundreds of researchers of the literature in the past one and half decade have done research in the foundation. Most of the nineteenth century books have been digitalised. Anybody can use that free of cost.

Residential annexe

The Foundation have also added a studio apartment which is self serviced for the researchers and the guests providing residential accommodation at a nominal cost, heralding a new era of cheap budget accommodation for the research scholars both long stays and short stays. Per day Rs 750 for singe room and Rs 1000 for the entire apartment. For Long stay the rate is reduced to Rs 400-Rs 500 depending upon the length of the stay.

72, 6th bye lane, Pub Sarania
Guwahati 781003, ASSAM, INDIA
0361-2454835, 09435733813,09435040993

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The Nanda Talukdar Foundation has regularly been commissioned by the SIRD, CAPART, CBTC and World Bank to carry out independent evaluation of their work in Assam. Only recently the NTF completed an exhaustive study on the SHG movement of Rural Assam covering 15 districts of the state spending almost nine months. A 300 page book “the SHG- The Real Story?have been published by the Foundation as the final result of the study. Again to popularize tourism, a three book series called “Bhraman?was also published.

The state has seen too much of negative thing over the years but there are small but beautiful stories of success both through formal and informal micro credit. pictures Their success has been overshadowed by the glomming dark cloud of insurgency. The NTF took it as challenge, tracked down 24 such persons of the Brahmaputra valley, spent one week each with them and came out with a book called “Mon Korilei Son? The book has been widely appreciated. The idea is to use to disseminate the positive information. Further to revive the dying habit of reading amongst the non serious readers, the Foundation in collaboration with Children Literary Trust, Assam, published three volumes of Jonbai and three volumes of travel handbook of India.

Guest House