Projects NTF

Grass root Intervention

The NTF has entered into the world of direct grass root intervention from 2015 by making major grassroots intervention through CSR by adopting village and turning it into a model village.

The NTF partnering with IIFCL-HIMCON has adopted the Borsimlauguri village of insurgency infested Baska districts of Assam and turning the backward village into a model village.

The intervention includes, sanitation, water, solar and skill development works besides series of camps for Human Resource Development. The village has also seen the first RO based water treatment plant ever used in any village of the North East India. For the latest please visit

Media Advocacy

In a bid to improve rural reporting in the North Eastern India, the NTF has joined hands with ACTED, Paris and European Union (EU) to work in a 42 months long project on "Improving access to information of public schemes in backward districts in India" in seven backward districts of the region. They are Lawngtlai(Mizoram), Chandel & Churachandpur(Manipur), Wokha(Nagaland), Ri-Bhoi(Meghalaya) and Cachar & Goalpara(Assam) districts.

The other partners are NEICORD and the PAC. The project is being supported by European Union (EU) and this is for the first time NTF is expanding to other parts of the North Eastern region. A group of 21 journalists have been selected in these districts and they are being trained to report development journalism besides given long term fellowship.

Social Audit of Assam SHGs

Nobody knows Assam villages better than us as in the past 5 years, we have criss crossed almost 2500 villages of Assam as reaching out more than 6500 Self Help Groups(SHGs) promoted by the SIRD and did third party audit for them. Using dynamic software, the huge audit was done through real time so that everything can be uploaded and monitored through Internet from any parts of the country. For a detailed view please go to

Preservation of Assamese Literature:

This is the primary duty of the Foundation. Every single book of the library have been rebound ensuring its safety for another half a century. A bibliography is  being made and soon to be made on line.

Digitalisation of Assamese Literature:

Idea is to completely digitalised the  entire Assamese Literature up to 1920. Project has reached half way and so far 55 per cent works have been completed.  Need some more fund and man power to carry on.

Publication division:

The publication division is just one year old and has so far come  out eight titles of which three are in Children literature category, two general category while other three are travel series.

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In the field of video…

The Nanda Talukdar Foundation has a sister organization called Image North east, which carries out the television work. pictures A veteran of nine years with national and international exposure, software firm Image North East is expert in television program, quickies, spots and advertisement besides in depth documentaries, some of which have gone all the way to the Hollywood.